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Estate of Roger Perry

Born in 1944, Roger Perry was a photo-journalist with a passion for documenting those on the edge of popular culture and art. He grew up in Hendon, North London, and after studying engineering for a while he went on to Harrow Technical College and School of Art, to study photography. In 1968 he started to photograph fringe theatre and rock musicians for the newly-launched Time Out magazine. He was fascinated by London’s burgeoning music scene and photographed in black and white the styles and personalities that evolved within it - during this period his daughter, Mary-Jane Robinson was born. He was a regular contributor to Time Out, The Sunday Times, Vogue, Nova and many other magazines, and travelled the world for them, from Ian Smith’s Rhodesia to the tea plantations of Sri Lanka. In 1976 this book of London graffiti The Writing on the Wall was published and became hugely successful. Roger was also instrumental in forming Impact, the reportage and travel picture library. He developed arthritis in his early thirties, and by the mid 1980’s found himself unable to work and use his camera as he wanted, so he turned to his other great passion in life - Lancia motor cars. Having lived in rural Suffolk since 1980, he set up Classico from his barn in the garden, restoring classic Lancias for people all over the world, until his untimely death in 1991.