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Estate of Roger Perry

You can read more about the Roger, The Writing on the Wall and the Kickstarter campaign on these various links:

Vice - London’s Original Graffiti Artists Were Poets, Playwrights and Political Revolutionaries

Time Out - Writing on the wall: help republish a book of 1970s unseen London graffiti

The Daily MailPolitical discourse woz ere: Book of London’s graffiti in the 1970s harks back to a time when spray-painting wasn’t just about mindless ‘tagging’

International TimesAfter 38 years out of print, Roger Perry’s unique survey of London graffiti of the mid ’70s is finally going to be available once more.

Very Nearly AlmostThe original book of London graffiti. Out of print since 1976, now reissued and expanded, with new text and unseen photographs.

Unfinished HistoriesRoger Perry was one of the major photographers of the burgeoning experimental theatre movement throughout the 1970s.

Rough GuidesWhile your classic train-trashing graffiti can be traced back to 1970s Harlem and the beginnings of hip-hop, London’s street art has always had a more cerebral flavour.

DJ Food’s BlogMy good friend Scraffer is involved in putting out a reprint of Roger Perry‘s ‘The Writing On The Wall’ book, a long out of print collection of photos of graffiti around London from 1976.

The World’s Best Ever - A fine look at 1970’s London counterculture.

Poetry FoundationVice Reminds Us that London Graffiti Artists Were Poets

Cass FashionI have a strong interest in graffiti and street art and really enjoy looking into its history and exploring and learning more about what graffiti used to be, and understanding how street art and graffiti as we know it now has shaped and influenced by the past.